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Anti-aging Face and Decollete Cream

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50 ml

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Anti-aging Face and Decollete Cream supports tightening, lifting effect and tone equalization in the face and decollete (neck) area. While providing nourishment and tightening of the skin, it helps to reduce scratches. Thanks to its silky cream texture, it gives a powdery feel. Contains hyaluronic acid, peptides and rich natural oils.

Usage: Apply morning and/or evening to the entire face and décolleté (neck) with gentle massage movements.

 ✓ Skin Tightening and Moisturizing: Signs of aging include excessive drying and loss of skin firmness and elasticity. Applying dr.fnc Anti-Wrinkle Face and Decollete Cream regularly helps to eliminate these problems. It also contains moisturizing properties that can be the solution to your dry skin problems, reducing your worries of flaking and unwanted peeling. Since it keeps the skin moist, it ensures that you do not experience itching due to dryness.

✓ Gain Skin Radiance: Among the many things that can make skin look older is the loss of shine and the appearance of visible symptoms as you age over the years. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles is more manageable with dr.fnc Anti-Wrinkle Face and Decollete Cream. Applying an emulsion to the affected areas twice a day provides the skin with the nutrients it needs to replenish what it has lost. With its vitamin A, vitamin C and hydroxy acids, you can safely protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and reduce wrinkles by promoting healthy tissue growth.

✓ Boost Your Confidence: The benefits of dr.fnc Anti-Wrinkle Face and Decollete Cream apply to your inner self as well as your outer appearance. It makes your shine and the beauty you have more appreciated. With the right skin care, changes happen gradually. However, it may be quicker than you think for you to start noticing the youthful aura you radiate with the formulas in all of dr.fnc's products.

✓ Positive Impact on Your Health: Believe it or not, the domino effect applies to your overall health, as it boosts your self-confidence. The tendency to make you more socially active gets higher over time. When that happens, you can thank dr.fnc Anti-Wrinkle Face & Decollete Cream for giving you the confidence you deserve.

✓ Prevents Age Spots and Color Change: dr.fnc Anti-Wrinkle Face and Decollete Cream protects your skin against age spots and possible discoloration by blocking UVA and UVB rays. Usually, it comes with antioxidants like vitamins E and C that fight against harmful cells in your skin. You can correct uneven pigmentation.

✓ Saves You From Expensive Dermal Procedures: When you apply enough dr.fnc Anti-Wrinkle Face & Decollete Cream as early as possible every day and every night, you will eventually reap all the possible benefits it has to offer. At this point, you will be less likely to encounter skin problems as you get older. "Prevention is better than cure". The dr.fnc Anti-Wrinkle Face and Decollete Cream application offers you more economical and self-applying solutions compared to the laser-based approach. It also ensures fewer dermatologist visits as it keeps your skin healthy.