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Anti Scratch Care Cream

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200 ml

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Anti Scratch Care Cream

Thanks to its formula fortified with cold-pressed vegetable oils and colloidal silver, it provides the necessary contribution to help optimize the skin's elasticity. Vegetable oils and moisturizers work to nourish the skin, soften it and give it elasticity. Herbal oils of natural origin have been chosen to stretch, supplementing the skin with lipid compositions similar to its own epidermal lipids. It supports the elasticity lost with the tightening of the skin, especially during weight gain. It can be safely applied on dry areas of the body, including hands. The silky soft cream is quickly absorbed into the lower layers of the skin barrier.

Usage: It is enough to apply after each bath/shower or 2 times a day. Apply the required amount to the whole body, especially around the chest and abdomen, inner and outer legs, hip areas and apply by massaging for absorption.