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Lift Night Cream

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50 ml

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Lift Night Cream helps intensely renew the skin, which is affected by external factors throughout the day, during the night. Supports reducing the appearance of wrinkles and giving a smooth appearance. It helps to make the skin look firmer, fuller and brighter. Contains hyaluronic acid, peptides and rich natural oils.

Usage: It is applied to the face and decolette area in the evening. It should not be applied around the eyes. Apply the required amount on your face and decolette area and rub gently for absorption.

 What are the benefits of Lift Night Cream?

The benefits of a night cream are shaped by the ingredients in it. It is essential that the skin, which dries and wears out during the day, works intensively and quickly, especially when you are asleep at night, bombarding it with moisture and tightening it by nourishing it.

Moisturizing: Your face quickly wears out and becomes dry due to pollution and sun exposure during the day. dr.fnc Firming Night Cream keeps your skin moist throughout the night and allows you to wake up with a soft baby-like face. Your skin becomes wonderfully smooth and supple with natural and herbal moisturizers, especially hyaluronic acid.

Did you know that dark circles under your eyes are usually caused by dehydration (thirst) and will continue to form and settle further if no action is taken? dr.fnc Firming Night cream helps you deal with this problem as well.

Soothe: As we mentioned above, your face does a very difficult job during the day. Before going to bed, following your evening routine, you have to pay more attention to your face, where the most intense possible irritations occur on your skin. dr.fnc Firming Night cream can help calm and soothe your skin overnight so that any redness or irritation goes away while you sleep. This helps ensure that you have an even skin tone by morning.

If you have acne or pimples, you need more soothing and moisturizing effects. Doing this at night is the way to achieve the best balance.

Collagen supplement: Wrinkles and fine lines become more prominent when collagen is depleted. Using dr.fnc Firming Night cream helps your skin look fuller and tighter by increasing your collagen production. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and sagging. In short, it gives your skin a much-needed boost to its elasticity.

In addition, applying dr.fnc Firming Night cream helps accelerate blood circulation, remove toxins and supports the skin's natural healing and purification process. Indeed, if you are after the wonderful glow you want to see on your face, dr.fnc Firming Night cream will be your secret weapon.

Preparation for the next day: Our face is constantly open to external pollutants and other negative factors. We do not have any shields to protect it from the sun and other pollutants. dr.fnc Firming Night Cream purifies your skin from these stress factors and allows you to look in the mirror with a fuller, more flexible and rested face the next morning.