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Lift & Repair Patches Eye Cream

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50 ml

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Lift & Repair Patches Eye Cream helps tighten and relax the eye area. Thanks to its active ingredients that prevent dark circles, it provides nourishment and re-tightening of the eye area, while helping to reduce the tired appearance. It supports the reduction of color differences, puffiness and wrinkle appearance under the eyes. Thanks to its silky cream texture, it gives a powdery feel.

Usage: Apply morning and/or evening to the entire eye area with gentle massage movements.

 ✓ Helps prevent common signs of aging: Dull, tired and loose-looking skin occurs for a variety of reasons, but the two big culprits are dehydration and environmental stresses. A natural eye cream packed with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, dr.fnc Firming Eye Cream helps keep these aggressors at bay.

✓ Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles: Smoothes and rejuvenates the skin, causing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines to decrease.

✓ Minimizes the appearance of swelling: Swelling (oedema) caused by fluid accumulation can be caused by things like sleep deprivation, allergies and aging. dr.fnc Firming Eye Cream has ingredients that reduce these visible signs of fatigue.

✓ Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles: dr.fnc Firming Eye Cream is packed with beneficial plant extracts that minimize the appearance of discoloration and give you radiance.

✓ Provides personalized hydration: The thin skin around the eyes needs a special moisture provided by the eye cream. dr.fnc Firming Eye Cream does this with the right concentration of ingredients that do not irritate or further dry the skin.

✓ Helps to equalize skin tone: nourished and moisturized skin looks brighter and healthier. Keeping build-up and irritants away, dr.fnc Firming Eye Cream offers a bright and even skin tone with its rejuvenating vitamins.

✓ Prepares your skin for makeup: dr.fnc Firming Eye Cream does a great job of smoothing and reducing the appearance of dark spots and puffiness. This helps concealer apply more evenly and prevents it from building up in expression lines throughout the day.

✓ Strengthens and protects sensitive skin: Thin under-eye skin is more sensitive than the rest of the face and more prone to irritation. dr.fnc Firming Eye Cream has ingredients that specifically target this to add elasticity to the area.

✓ Rejuvenates a heavily worn area: The skin around the eyes loses some of its elasticity as we age. When you add that to the aggravating outdoor elements, irritants, and millions of statements we make over a lifetime, the havoc is more than you can imagine. dr.fnc Firming Eye Cream works to return skin to its beautiful self.

✓ Soothes tired eyes: dr.fnc Firming Eye Cream has calming, nourishing ingredients to soothe your under-eye area. Even in hot weather, it gives a slight coolness around the eyes and provides relief to the area.