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Reparative Foot Care Cream

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50 ml

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Reparative Foot Care Cream softens the skin quickly, traps moisture and provides softness. Suitable for use on elbows. It moisturizes the dehydrated skin and allows you to have silky soft, healthy and beautiful feet in a short time.

Usage: It is enough to apply every night after bath/shower or before going to bed. Apply the required amount to your elbows, heels and entire foot and rub gently for absorption.

 How often should you use Reparative Foot Care Cream?

Use little and often! It is not enough to use any cream once a week; For best results, it should be used daily, especially before going to bed at night. A pea-sized amount is usually enough to spread on the top and bottom of one foot, and don't consume your cream right away. Thanks to the natural antimicrobial elements such as silver and sandalwood oil in its content, it prevents the formation of bacteria-fungi and the odor caused by these microorganisms.

How can I soften my feet overnight?

To maximize its effectiveness, apply a sufficient amount of cream to the feet, heels and toes before going to bed. You can optionally wear cotton socks. After the cream is absorbed (2-3 minutes), you can go to bed without wearing socks. Don't be surprised that your feet are soft and supple when you wake up in the morning because dr.fnc Repair Foot Cream works for your feet all night long. As previously stated, it should be applied every night to achieve lasting and lasting results.

What is the difference between foot cream and regular cream?

We all know that our skin has different characteristics in different parts of the body. The main distinction between foot cream and hand cream is thickness and absorption. Since the skin of the feet is rougher and thicker than the skin of the hands, foot creams have a thick consistency that is difficult to apply and take longer to be absorbed by the skin. Unlike classical foot creams, dr.fnc has formulated the Repairing Foot Care Cream as "Soft Cream". dr.fnc reparative foot care cream provides rapid absorption with cold pressed and natural oils without the use of petroleum oils, allowing it to penetrate and repair all layers of the skin.