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Rosa Damascena Oil

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1 ml

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100% Pure Rose Essential Oil.
If you are wearing make-up during the day, you can use a few drops of rose oil for make-up removal. With rose oil, you can get rid of make-up without harming your skin. Rose oil will remove the dirt and oil from your skin as well as remove the make-up on your skin.
Rose oil can be used to heal your skin with minor wounds. Thanks to vitamins, it accelerates cell repair and heals the effects of eczema and wounds on your skin.
If you massage your skin with rose oil, you can accelerate blood circulation and make you look more alive.
Rose oil is recommended for people with dry skin. It protects the moisture balance of the skin, especially eliminates the dryness of the elbows and heels.
When applied regularly to skin cracks caused by various reasons, it heals cracks.
Dandruff in the hair can be caused by the drying of the scalp. You can use rose oil to solve this problem. Because rose oil will also moisturize the scalp and add health.