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Sogutdagi Rosa Damascena Water 1000 ml

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Plastic Bottle

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Söğütdagi Rosa Damascena Water is a rich hydrosol, obtained by distilling the leaves of roses grown in the Isparta Söğütdağı plateau, located at an altitude of 1560, in pure copper alembics. It is produced without separation of natural rose oil. It is multifunctional and suitable for all skin types. Cleanses, soothes and moisturizes your skin. It helps to remove excess sebum from the skin and provides a more balanced skin appearance. You can apply it throughout the day to refresh, relax, cool and balance your skin. It protects the skin with its strong antioxidant content.

Usage: Spread on your hand, face, any part of your body or on a cotton ball and spread on your skin as much as you want. You can also use it to remove the matte appearance after makeup.

It is for external use.

✓ Helps soothe skin irritation: One of the biggest benefits of rose water is its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help treat many ailments, both internal and external. It helps to soothe the irritation of eczema or rosacea.

✓ Soothes sore throats: Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics or a mouthwash or spray for symptomatic treatment for sore throat due to upper respiratory tract infections, but you may also want to try rose water. Rose water has traditionally been used to soothe sore throats.

✓ Reduces skin redness: Rose water has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years, so it's no surprise that it can improve your skin and reduce skin redness. Antibacterial properties help reduce acne. Anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin redness and swelling.

✓ Helps prevent and treat infections: Rose water has powerful antiseptic properties that can prevent and treat infections. For this reason, rose water is often included in various natural and medicinal treatments. One study shows that when rose water is used in eye drops to treat cases of conjunctivitis, its antiseptic and analgesic properties help in the treatment of ocular disease.

✓ Contains Antioxidants: Rose petals and rose oil obtained as a result of the distillation of leaves contain a number of powerful antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage. One study found that these antioxidants have potential lipid peroxidation inhibitory effects. As a result, rose water provides strong cell protection.

✓ Heals cuts, wounds and burns: Rose water has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can help wounds heal faster. These properties help clear and fight infection of cuts and burns. It has also been shown to help cuts, burns, and even wounds heal faster.

✓ Improves mood: Rose water may have strong antidepressant and antianxiety properties. A 2011 study showed that rose petal extract may have antidepressant and antianxiety effects in mice. For thousands of years, people have been applying rose water or rose oil to their chakra areas to correct their aura.

✓ Magnificent 320 MHz effect on the body frequency: Rose Oil has the HIGHEST FREQUENCY of all essential oils on this planet with around 320 MHz. Everything has an electrical frequency. Rose Oil brings balance and harmony to the body and brain by increasing the frequency of each cell. The biofrequency monitor in Cheny, Washington was used to determine the relationship between frequency and disease. Some results from these studies are as follows: The frequency of the Human Brain is 72-90 MHz. Human Body frequency is 62-68 MHz (daytime). Cold and Flu symptoms lower your body frequency to 57-58 MHz. Candida lowers body frequency to 55 MHz. Epstein Barr lowers body frequency to 52 MHz. Cancer lowers body frequency to 42 MHz. Death begins at 25 MHz. Our thoughts also have an effect on our frequency. Negative thoughts lower people's measured frequency by 12 MHz, while positive thoughts increase the measured frequency by 10 MHz.

It is possible to easily raise your body frequency, which has fallen under many adverse conditions, with 320 MHz dr.fnc rose water.

✓ Relieves headaches: Rose water and rose oil are commonly used in aromatherapy to relieve headaches. This may be due to the stress-relieving effects discussed in the section above. One study found that steaming rose water soothed headaches. Another option is to apply a compress soaked in rose water for 45 minutes for positive results.

✓ Has anti-aging properties: Rose water is often found in beauty products aimed at reducing wrinkles. Because it has anti-aging effects. In addition to soothing irritated skin, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles when applied topically.